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Outside Games For Little Kids

Musical Character GameCombine children’s love of music and cartoon characters in this game, a relative of musical chairs. Cut, print or draw pictures of animated characters and animals, mounting them on pieces of sturdy poster board. Arrange the pictures in a circle. As children march or dance around the circle, play lively music. When the […]

Outdoor Games To Play With Small Groups Of Kids

With their addiction to screen time via television, computers and video games, getting children outside for fresh air, vitamin D from the sun and the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day can be a challenge. While larger groups can organize a game of softball, volleyball or basketball, smaller groups can’t fill two competing […]

Osama Bin Laden Death Prompts USA Chants At Phillies

My concern is that these people who have been destroyed by our economy and uncaring political class will rally around the flag and our political leaders, thus allowing them to get away their crimes against the country. Let’s say it is Bin Laden who was killed. Ok, great. Does it change our lives in any […]

Organizing Events For Youth Groups

Nothing in ordinary life or in general leadership practice can prepare you to lead such a group. The key, however, is to find an area of common interest amongst all the members and then rally the group to focus towards that common goal. Games have unanimously proved to be the single most effective way of […]

order price discounted

Amazon has discounted the pre-order price for the upcoming multiplatform title, “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.” According to a listing update by the online retailer on Feb. 2, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions now have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price tag of $59.99, which is the standard price for most new high-definition video […]

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