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The Battle of the Alamo

From Feb. 23, 1836, to Mar. 6, 1836, San Antonio, Texas had served as a battleground between the Mexican Army and Texan and Tejano revolutionaries. A group of insurgents had been forced to hole up in the Alamo. The Mexicans were led by the centralist General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, a former president of […]

The Basics of King Arthur

Before we get into the historical basis for King Arthur, let’s review the basics of his story. Arthur ascends to the throne after Britain’s been invaded and its king deposed. A prophecy stated that the only man who could rightfully retake the throne had to be able to pull a sword from an ancient stone. […]

The Barbary Pirates

The Mediterranean Sea has served as a platform for piracy for millennia. Both Muslims and Christians have engaged in piracy, kidnapping and enslavement with the sea s­erving as a thoroughfare. But the nations along the Barbary Coast developed in earnest due to piracy. Although control over the area changed hands several times from 1492 onward, […]

The Advantages Of Entire World War Art Account In Order To Associates As Well As The Services

You will discover fantastic wide-ranging positive aspects to savor if one provides world of war craft account. The actual reports spend the money for masters free market item listings in which enable the fresh people the chance checklist and also relict. This particular incentive will allow members to control various records in addition to provides […]

The 1421 Theory

The 1421 Theory: Junk History? From its introduction in 2003, Gavin Menzies’ 1421 theory has come under assault. The writing that seeks to disprove Menzies is at least as long as his book. One question perhaps looms largest when approaching the 1421 theory: If the Chinese had a presence in the Americas prior to Christopher […]

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